Grow with the best possible candidates.

Your clients know that your law firm offers excellence. But do potential candidates know it too? JLR matches your vacancies with the best lawyers and provides you with comprehensive support in the recruitment process.


JLR supports you in filling your vacant positions - from Associate to Equity Partner with team. In-depth and long-standing knowledge of the candidate market and an extensive network ensure the best possible results in the recruitment process.

Direct Search

Based on a customized and tailored search, the most suitable candidates are found and approached for the position in question. Discreetly, professionally and with prompt results.

Quality instead of delegation

At JLR, the entire recruitment process is solely in the hands of your consultant - there is no delegation to internal or external recruiters. Therefore, candidates receive all crucial information and arguments in favour of the vacancy in the best possible way.

No limitation

JLR does not limit the number of candidates to be identified or approached. The sole focus of the search mandate is the final success of the appointment for your law firm.

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